The Wilted Rose

Charting Labour meltdown 2007-2010

Will Brown blow the Tories out of the water? No, he hasn’t the guts to call an election

As a traditional ‘divided loyalties’ Ulster Protestant (a supporter of a mainstream unionist party at home, and of the Conservative & Unionist Party in England), I am rather worried. My dual loyalties mean that one of my parties may do well and the other not so; that’s certainly been the case recently.

But I thought the Conservatives were on track to beat Labour. Now the polls have narrowed, with the latest IPSOS-MORI for the Observer showing only a 6 point lead and the grim prospect of a hung parliament. With UKIP and the ‘vile BNP’ polling well collectively.

So what happened the the twentysomething Conservative lead? I have a hunch that the Clarke effect combined with Lisbon/the EU policy, and the appalling abuses of the expenses system by Tory MPs (most recently the adulterous David Curry, himself a notorious Europhile), and the sudden electorate’s collective misapprehension that the economy’s well again, has led to this scenario.

All’s not rosy in the garden, as Labour’s Wilted rose shows, and it’s time for another festive onslaught re the economy from me.

It’s now the right time for Labour to call an election. They’d probably gain a lead in the polls while the public are distracted by the apparent lull in our economic rendezvous with the inevitable.

Brown would blow the Tories out of the water. But, like Callaghan in the 70s, Brown is blinded by disbelief and a lack of COURAGE, and hasn’t got the guts to call the election that could keep him in the job he plotted for over a decade to grab off Bliar. The ditherer will bottle it again.

Brown’s gutlessness allows traditional Tories, as well as trade unionist, dual-loyalty conservative unionists like me, sleep soundly at night.

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  1. It’s a poll, funny really how people look at polls a thousand people out of 63 million and this does what? dictates the peoples views.

    I keep getting asked to do these polls sometimes I do, but the questions are so stupid you cannot give a simple answer.

    Do you trust labour or the Tories or the Lib Dem’s or other. None of them but of course you cannot do that you have to trust one of them. Who will you vote for, Labour Tory Lib Dem’s or other, name other, I do not vote anymore.

    The fact s Polls are a guide most polls end up being way wide of the mark ask Kinnock

    Comment by Robert | 23 November, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree. Worse still, this one was only 450 or so with voting intention and the margin of error is about 5%, and the sample was skewed to include a lot more past Labour voters than there should have been.

      The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.

      Comment by Armchair Sceptic | 25 November, 2009 | Reply

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