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£4.1bn –> £6.2bn : EU membership will help our public finances. Not.

Considering the mess our public finances are in, the threat of rising taxes (and the impact of ones that are definitely risen or have risen, e.g. 10p to 20p; or 40p to 45p to 50p), here is a shocking stat from the BBC:

The UK’s net contribution to the European Union will rise by almost 60% next year, the Treasury has said. The cost of membership will rise to £6.4bn – equivalent to about £260 per UK household – from £4.1bn in 2009/10. The Treasury said it was right for the UK “to share the burden of membership with new accession countries”.

At a time when so many British people are tightening their belts and even suffering job losses, £260 per household is an awful lot of money to be wasted on a vanity project like the EU. It is ironic also that the less well off in the UK are handing over money to the wealthy oligarchs of Central and Eastern Europe, with their low tax burden, e.g. the flat tax in Estonia, and subsidising emerging economies, many of which are actually doing very nicely thanks to inward investment etc. It is, indeed, a sad and sorry mess which Labour should be ashamed of.


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When will Lord Mandy ever learn? The postal crisis should be taken seriously

After his notorious attack on the trades unions in the “British Jobs for British Workers”, or no British need apply, scandal at the Total factory at Lindsey, Lord Mandy has now told the postal unions to “wake up”. Union leaders have rightly highlighted how Ministers have been “sulking” and, in return, Mandy – who met Qadaffi’s son while on holiday at Rothschild’s villa this summer – has attacked the Communication Workers Union.

But who engineered the decline of the Royal Mail? Why, that would have been the European Union of which Mandy was once a Commissioner. And now, after his stint running the country from the Rothschildodopoulous Estate in Corfu, and being “PM as PM” (what a joke), he has now decided to have a go at the salt of the earth postal workers who deliver our mail despite Government animosity and hostility. Mandy is trying to make the postal workers Brown’s mineworkers, thinking that will somehow win back Middle England.

But the EU, by semi deregulating the industry, allowed private companies to cream off the best of the postal business, leaving the Royal Mail in a crisis. Of course postal workers should strike, given the way that they have been treated by Labour, which once would have stood up for them. But then big business, which David Cameron rightly promised to stand up to 4 years ago when he became leader, call the shots in the Labour party now, not the unions.

Labour is so determined to please its corporate cronies and pals that it will run yet another important British industry into the ground. It is Mandy , Brown and the rest of them in the Cabinet who need to wake up and smell the cappuccino, not the unions. After all, no self-respecting union man would mistake mushy peas for guacamole; but then Lord Mandy is so detached from the real working-class people of this country, despite once being the MP for ‘Poolie, that there is no chance of him waking up any time soon.

We need rid of this Labour rabble (which is again betraying its own people ), so that social and economic progress can be resumed at long last.

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