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Labour’s war on animals – now badgers must die

Labour pretended that it was the friend of animals, to get the ‘animal lover vote’, by implementing the unenforceable ban on fox-hunting.

But we all know that Labour does not care about animal welfare when it will not ban the torture of animals in laboratories for “medical research” etc, which is bad science because the physiology – and reaction of animals to chemicals etc – is different from humans.

The culling of tens of thousands of sheep and other farm animals during the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001, rather than vaccinating, because “it would damage the export trade” is more proof.

I was one of many who wrote to the minister, Ben Bradshaw, protesting against the proposals to cull badgers, a protected species under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and a much-loved animal.  A Government report indicated that a bagder cull would not stop the spread of Bovine TB.  95% of the public is against  a cull.

And now we have the Government’s Chief Scumbag (sorry, Chief “Scientist”), ‘Professor’ David King, proposing a despicable murder of innocent badgers and overruling the findings of the report.  Since when does one individual, who clearly harbours a genocidal hatred of badgers, have the right to overrule a report by respected independent advisers and the Protection of Badgers Act 1992?

Badgers are blameless in all this.  It grieves me to see cows having to be culled, but again – just like the refusal to vaccinate during Foot & Mouth because it would “damage the export trade” – this is all about money and greed.  The National Farmers Union should be ashamed of its support for a badger cull.

The Government must overrule ‘Professor’ King, and if it does not MPs must act to stop this breach of the 1992 Act (if not technically, at least in spirit).


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