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Why the Matthews case outlines all that is wrong with society

With the media obsession with this case, e.g. last night’s emergency Panorama, it is worth considering the wider implications.

A feral mother, whose child is a source of welfare, and her ‘partner’ (a PC term for living in sin or fornication that I despise) staged a kidnapping to become celebrities and raise money.

Is this not the worst type of ‘criminal entrepreneurship’?

They’re off to prison and poor Shannon, what future for her?

This case outlines all that is wrong with our broken society, its welfare dependency and the celebrity created by the commercial media and the tabloids. Shame on you all – you are all as culpable as Mrs Karen Matthews.

Update: The Last Boy Scout has a post on the Shannon Matthews case in which he highlights that it proves that Britain is broken.


5 December, 2008 Posted by | celebrity, dependency, media, Shannon Matthews, welfare | | 1 Comment