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Magyárország van szépén ország: If only the UK could be like Hungary…

Magyárország van szépén ország > Hungary is a fine country > excuse my rusty Magyár, it’s been a long time since I’ve been there, 6 years, and my Finnish is much better now than my Hungarian ever was.

I’ve emerged from my purdah to give a hat tip to Political Betting (I’m not a punter, but it’s interesting to follow the opinion polls) for the following information> It’s from Angus Reid originally:

The former Comomies, the MSZP, Magyar Szocialiszt Partie, is being clobbered by the next PM, Viktor Orbán’s, wonderful Fidesz party, by 61 per cent to 22 per cent – that’s X3 the support and a 39 point lead.

The Socialists in Hungary are finished because of the mess they’ve made of the economy, jobs etc and because their awful former pm, Gyurcsány, (now it’s Gordon Bajnai, believe it or not!!!) admitted he lied and lied to win the previous election. Sounds a bit like Labour, and we all know they lie.

I only ask what is the wrong with the UK electorate, that the polls are so close? The Conservatives should be polling this much of a lead over Labour. Maybe it’s because much of the electorate remember years and years of State Socialism and their kids don’t wish to go back to the horror stories they’ve heard. In the UK, many electors seem not to realise that they’re standing on the edge of a precipice just as in 1979.

If only…


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Would we be better off with a hung parliament?

I’ve done quite a bit of work leafleting for Conservative candidates in marginal seats. Also, I have delivered leaflets for someone I have known for over 25 years, who goes to my family church and who belongs to my Orange Lodge, Gregory Campbell MP (DUP, East Londonderry), to defend his seat against the highly discredited ‘Trimbleite’ (and now ‘Empeyite’) Ulster Unionist Party. Though, as an excellent MP and without much serious opposition, Gregory will be okay and will hold his seat, particularly with an 8,000 majority. In Northern Ireland the only party for unionists to vote for is the DUP, who I warmly endorse, and I’ve certainly enjoyed tramping the streets of Castlerock and the working-class housing estates of Coleraine delivering leaflets.

Peter Hitchens has recently called for a hung parliament. I don’t agree – I think we need a decisive result, one way or the other, a Conservative or Labour Government. Though I’m not a Tory, but am a unionist, (as I’m fond of saying, it’s the Conservative and Unionist Party), I would rather see a government of the blue persuasion.

But I can understand why many voters are yet unconvinced by the Tories and why the polls are narrowing ever so slightly in Labour’s favour.

But in these tough socio-economic times it would not be right to have a lily-livered, gutless hung parliament, minority government, or coalition-of-convenience delivered by a lily-livered, gutless electorate.

They just can’t make up their mind, being so zombified by the X Factor. Why not have a 90% tax levy on the proceeds that have been accrued by the likes of Cowell et al? Why stop at the bankers? But, in cases of mindnumbing TV, the electorate is as much zombies as the bankers, mortgagers, and mortgagees that caused the economic crisis. Or the equally morally bankrupt people who are destroying society.

So let’s have a clear result. But if you apply game theory to this situation, i.e. the election, people don’t know what way to vote. So it might be chaos, ending in a complete mess, with a BNP gain here and there, Lib Dems holding seats they should lose, etc.

In conclusion, the last thing we need is a hung parliament. Let’s get real, people, and kick Labour out once and for all.

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What is the truth about drugs? Time for action?

Whatever the truth about drugs, the Government has made a mess of the issue. They have let druggies, paedos, and all sorts of criminals roam our streets and cause absolute chaos and it has resulted in a lot of broken lives.

Prof David Nutt (sacked for telling the truth that Brown reclassified cannabis for political reasons) has categorised drugs in such a way that suggests that alcohol is more dangerous than ecstacy, cannabis and other illegal substances. Well, we know already that booze causes a lot of heartbreak and is responsible for some of societies worst ills. But, why when we had the chaos of alcohol-related violence and the deaths caused by its healths effects (a “known known”), did the Government have to take a softer line on certain other drugs, by reclassifying cannabis and turning a blind eye?

Why indeed. But, more importantly, what are they going to do about it? Clearly, we need zero tolerance on drugs – by crushing dealers, locking up and forcibly treating junkies, and by stopping the violence caused on our streets by alcohol (3 strikes and you’re out might just work) – otherwise Britain will continue to descend into lawlessness.

It’s time for less of the political nonsense, by politicians with their hands in the till for all the expenses they can obtain. Whether it’s Jacqui Smith, a complete farce on Question Time this week, or whether it’s McNulty subsidising his parents’ home. (And don’t get me started about the liberal elite – such as the contemptible John Sergeant and his sick joke about Cheryl Gillan’s dogs who have now sadly died.)

It’s time to sort out this mess once and for all. No more political correctness. No more fussing about the so-called human rights of the perpetrators of these vile deeds. No more softly softly. It’s time to take action, right?

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Electoral Gerrymandering, not Reform: Lewis Carroll couldn’t have made it up

On ConservativeHome, as elsewhere, there’s speculation about the fall-out from the Labour nuclear explosion that will be the European/local election results (Lab 15%). The pandemic of insanity that has followed the expenses scandal [fixed-term parliaments, electoral reform, etc] is leading to Labour desperation and a potential move towards PR and a Lab/LD stitch up. As I commented there…

Propping up a lame-duck Labour Government would destroy the Liberal Democrats, and would lead to LD –> Tory vote-switching on an unprecedented scale. So, in effect, it could tip the Tories over 50% and destroy the Centre Left’s case for PR.

Also, PR would give us BNP MPs!!! Nick Griffin MP? Is Alan Johnson serious??? (actually MRLP’s R U Serious MP would be more like it.)

We’re in Lewis Carroll territory here.

… but, whatever happens, this iniquitous Labour Government must be destroyed as soon as possible. Not only have they presided over the humiliation of the House of Commons, economic disarray, and much else, but now they’re prepared to pervert democracy to cling onto their positions. Labour must be ousted and an honest, decent Government needs to be ushered in asap.

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