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Magyárország van szépén ország: If only the UK could be like Hungary…

Magyárország van szépén ország > Hungary is a fine country > excuse my rusty Magyár, it’s been a long time since I’ve been there, 6 years, and my Finnish is much better now than my Hungarian ever was.

I’ve emerged from my purdah to give a hat tip to Political Betting (I’m not a punter, but it’s interesting to follow the opinion polls) for the following information> It’s from Angus Reid originally:

The former Comomies, the MSZP, Magyar Szocialiszt Partie, is being clobbered by the next PM, Viktor Orbán’s, wonderful Fidesz party, by 61 per cent to 22 per cent – that’s X3 the support and a 39 point lead.

The Socialists in Hungary are finished because of the mess they’ve made of the economy, jobs etc and because their awful former pm, Gyurcsány, (now it’s Gordon Bajnai, believe it or not!!!) admitted he lied and lied to win the previous election. Sounds a bit like Labour, and we all know they lie.

I only ask what is the wrong with the UK electorate, that the polls are so close? The Conservatives should be polling this much of a lead over Labour. Maybe it’s because much of the electorate remember years and years of State Socialism and their kids don’t wish to go back to the horror stories they’ve heard. In the UK, many electors seem not to realise that they’re standing on the edge of a precipice just as in 1979.

If only…


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