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What is the truth about drugs? Time for action?

Whatever the truth about drugs, the Government has made a mess of the issue. They have let druggies, paedos, and all sorts of criminals roam our streets and cause absolute chaos and it has resulted in a lot of broken lives.

Prof David Nutt (sacked for telling the truth that Brown reclassified cannabis for political reasons) has categorised drugs in such a way that suggests that alcohol is more dangerous than ecstacy, cannabis and other illegal substances. Well, we know already that booze causes a lot of heartbreak and is responsible for some of societies worst ills. But, why when we had the chaos of alcohol-related violence and the deaths caused by its healths effects (a “known known”), did the Government have to take a softer line on certain other drugs, by reclassifying cannabis and turning a blind eye?

Why indeed. But, more importantly, what are they going to do about it? Clearly, we need zero tolerance on drugs – by crushing dealers, locking up and forcibly treating junkies, and by stopping the violence caused on our streets by alcohol (3 strikes and you’re out might just work) – otherwise Britain will continue to descend into lawlessness.

It’s time for less of the political nonsense, by politicians with their hands in the till for all the expenses they can obtain. Whether it’s Jacqui Smith, a complete farce on Question Time this week, or whether it’s McNulty subsidising his parents’ home. (And don’t get me started about the liberal elite – such as the contemptible John Sergeant and his sick joke about Cheryl Gillan’s dogs who have now sadly died.)

It’s time to sort out this mess once and for all. No more political correctness. No more fussing about the so-called human rights of the perpetrators of these vile deeds. No more softly softly. It’s time to take action, right?


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  1. For crying out loud and where the hell, are you going to hold all these people, it’s not just the UK that has the problems the world has it, India has drugs free to use, America has massive problems, France and Germany love to hide it but it’s in the same degree.

    For every drug addict or drug user we catch ten more will get away.

    Like it or not we have had drug problems in all these countries it’s not just the poor even the rich will get into the drug scene. sadly the poor are the ones which cause concern, because they cannot afford the £2,000 day clinic, and must use clinics which are basically charities who use volunteers.

    the fact is we are not going to have Zero tolerance because we cannot handle or pay for the people that we do need to help.

    drugs are here to stay like it or not

    Comment by Robert | 31 October, 2009 | Reply

    • My proposals above are to :
      (1) Imprison drug dealers for life. Build more prisons.
      (2) ‘Lock up’ addicts in secure units (to avoid self-harm, harm to the public etc) while they are being treated, and let them out again – with support, housing, etc – when they are clean.
      Simply as that.

      Comment by Armchair Sceptic | 13 November, 2009 | Reply

  2. Did you mean zero tolerance on alcohol sales? That would certainly halt the misery and violence in our cities, damn fine idea… and yes….although alcohol kills 300 people per day, and tobacco kills just 30 or so, but maybe heavy prison sentences for growers and sellers of cigarettes will put a stop to their shady dealings.

    Comment by landsker | 1 November, 2009 | Reply

    • I think we should follow the model in some other countries where alcohol sales are restricted to certain controlled suppliers (i.e. like the Alko chain of off licenses in Finland, which closes at about 7pm at night), and stopping Tesco and the likes selling beer as a loss leader to entice boozy people into their shops. Every little hurts etc.

      Comment by Armchair Sceptic | 13 November, 2009 | Reply

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