The Wilted Rose

Charting Labour meltdown 2007-2010

New Labour 1994-2010. The Wilted Rose 2007-2010.

New Labour 1994-2010.

The Wilted Rose 2007-2010.

Alas, there is no further need for this blog . It is superfluous . Labour is rightly in opposition, where it belongs, and we shall leave it to tear itself apart which it no doubt is exceptionally capable of . Its cackhanded approach to the possible progressive coalition, which it sabotaged, demonstrated the terror to come within Labour. Goodbye.


12 May, 2010 - Posted by | politics


  1. A blog of this quality can NEVER be superfluous – that’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve said in four years.

    Don’t stop. You’ll still find plenty to write about.

    Comment by Womble On Tour | 17 May, 2010 | Reply

    • I’m sure I’ll post the occasional blog entry here, but I’m just a bit fed up with politics at the moment!

      Comment by Wilted Rose | 20 May, 2010 | Reply

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