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Brown may limp on; no election; just more shambles for another 12 months

The European elections have been a disaster for Labour. It’s lost 5 seats, it’s been beaten by the Tories in Wales and by the SNP in Scotland, and has even let in BNP MEPs, Nick Griffin in the North West and his colleague in Yorkshire and the Humber.

But Brown may well limp on, will avoid an election, with a poor Cabinet, and we can expect another 12 months of Brownite shambles.

His Government is going down the pan more than even this blog is (down from #84 on Wikio to #209). But you win some, you lose some.

I’m off to England for a few days, then to Finland until at least the end of September – depending on whether my job contract is renewed, or not, or whether a decent offer is offered – and the Wilted Rose will not be totally silent. Maybe a comment or two on the speaker election or any other developments, if I can be bothered. Who knows, maybe some other shocker of news will emerge …


8 June, 2009 Posted by | politics | , , | 3 Comments