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As Brown declares war on teenage parents, the Sun deserts Labour

Well, Brown’s speech was well spun. It may have impressed the Labour delegates, but then anyone desperate or crazy enough to attend the Labour conference would have been impressed. It’s amazing, given that few of Labour’s councillors survived the recent culls by the electorate, that there are any activists left.

In order to try to seize the initiative, Brown launched a number of half-baked policies. The most heartless of these was the proposal to build detention centres to house teenage parents and their babies – clearly a group hated by Labour as much as they hate asylum seekers. However, it only took a young girl from Willenall in Walsall, interviewed on Newsnight yesterday evening, to demolish the absurd and heartless policy.

It is no wonder the Sun says that Labour has lost it given the performance of Brown. On law and order, schools, health, immigration, children, and our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq Labour has failed, and I agree wholeheartedly. Particularly with the Sun’s observation that only the Conservatives can restore our country after 13 years of Labour failure.

In 1992, it was famously said that it was the Sun wot won it. Well, wot we need is for the Sun to win it again so that we get rid of this Government wot has ruined our country. As Brown declares war on teenage parents, the Sun has said what hard-working people across the country are telling pollsters – Labour is washed out, worn out, and time to be thrown out with all the other garbage.


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‘If I can come back, we can come back’ – Mandy

What a load of pathetic codswallop from Mandy. If he, a thrice disgraced minister, can return, the even more discredited and morally bankrupt Labour party can.

He argued that the Tories are on the wrong side of the argument on the economy. That’s strange, since we are on the same side as the public.

But arrogant Labour thinks it is right, no matter though no more than about twenty per cent , if even that much , will back it…

This is why the Brownian-Mandelsonian shambles must be wiped out asap.

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We need to look after our soldiers – in or out of the army

I grew up, as a child in awe of soldiers, who were on the streets of Northern Ireland in the 70s and 80s. I still respect them, so I am dismayed to see our boys dying in Afghanistan. Poor equipment and bad strategy from London exacerbates the situation.

I wonder, though, what will the next Government do to support our boys when they leave the army? Yesterday’s front page of the Guardian revealed that there are more ex servicemen in prison than there are soldiers in Afghanistan.

We need to do something to help our boys settle back into civilian life. Labour is failing in this regard.

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Charles Clarke: Go Brown, or Labour ‘hammered’

Things are heating up again for Mr Brown. This time, Charles Clarke – incumbent in the neighbouring seat to Norwich North, which the Tories gained not so long ago – has intervened, bravely, yet again. Mr Clarke has stated that Labour needs Brown to go or else his party will be hammered:

I don’t think Gordon will lead Labour into the next election. I think his own dignity ought to look to that kind of solution.

They say prepare to battle in 2015, make sure the policies and leader are in place.

I understand that, but there will not be a 2015 if we get hammered in 2010. And on current show, we will be.

Mr Clarke, who is on the now pretty much defunct Blairite wing of his party, has long been a critic of Brown. But he should know by know that dignity is not something that the Prime Minister has shown. Labour’s policies have failed. Brown will not step aside; he’s enjoying his power too much, even though it may cost Labour some more seats than Balls or Milipede might lose.

It is time for the country to deliver the verdict of 13 years of failed New Labour and to oust this discredited, disasterous, and undignified Government.

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The immorality of university tuition fees

The Lib Dems have been warned by Charles Kennedy not to lose their ‘heart’ over spending cuts. Not to retreat on their opposition to tuition fees.

Spending cuts are essential, if properly targeted and not frontline, but one of the immoralities of the current spending regime – at a time when youth unemployment is at a record high and property ownership remains out of reach to many under 30s- is saddling kids in their early 20s with massive debt.

Baby boomers have enjoyed prosperity and high house prices, relatively low tax rises, and many can go on holiday, and enjoy life. Well, good on them, but what about their grandchildren?

That’s one worry that may disturb older people’s sleep. Where are the jobs, houses, families for many of today’s university students, or those who avoid university due to debt? Where indeed.

It is time for other parties to realise the immorality of tuition fees, and – in wielding the axe – do not let it fall on vulnerable youth. Someone else must pay, but not those kids at (or about to go to) university who will, after all, rebuild our country just as the post-war generation, the parents of the baby boomers, did.

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Of course ISA is right – but we are still not doing enough to protect kids

There’s been much wailing and gnashing of teeth about parents or other adults who give kids lifts to sporting events having to have criminal record checks.

And so they should. The Independent Safeguarding Authority is right, because you just don’t know if that apparently nice dad who gives your kid a life has a nasty past.

The problem is also that the government isn’t doing enough to protect kids. Ban paedophile parents from contact with their own children, by locking pervert dads (or, occasionally, mums) up for a very long time. That will protect kids.

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Timms should read Steinbeck: Labour’s slavery plans are immoral target-chasing

I had a job interview earlier and emphasised the role of ethical business strategy in firm performance, and because it’s the right thing to do. Quoted in my presentation ‘children dying of pellagra’, rather than unprofitable oranges being sold, from Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath (one of my interviewers, the Dean of the Business School,’s favourite book, fortunately). Labour should read the novel.

Government minister Stephen Timms claims he is a Christian. But forcing low-income parents both into work to meet child poverty targets is immoral and shows that unethical Labour has long lost its moral compass.

People need to look after their kids, but also would like to work. But our lack of decent childcare makes that difficult. We’re not Nordic, after all, and this country sadly isn’t Finland.

Chasing tabloid headlines and child poverty targets is disgusting. Kids will suffer but does Labour care? Alas not. Vote them out.

Read Steinbeck, Timms.

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Is Business, Innovation and Skills ‘the Biz’ or just Mandelsonian empire building?

So, I was told by the Taxpayers Alliance today when I went for a meeting with Matthew Sinclair today, that BERR has changed its name again to the department (small d) of Business, Innovation and Skills (big B I S).

So not only has BIS dropped regulatory reform but they have also taken on innovation and Skills (not skills) from the shortlived DIUS (don’t ask).

So methinks it is the building of the Mandelsonian empire – and I missed the change when I was abroad in the summer – but only for another 9 months until he becomes an opposition peer prior to the great kicking out of Lords in an elected second chamber.

It may be BIS but it definitely not the Biz.

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