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Down’s baby murders

As someone not yet fortunate to be a dad, I abhor those who murder their babies in their womb – children that I and many other folks, who have not become parents for various reasons, would happily raise as our own.

Thousands of babies who have Down’s syndrome are being murdered in the in a recent upsurge in Eugenics. Harman may claim to be for equality and against the BNP, but is the Nazi genocide of disabled children something she can stomach supporting?

Some hospitals won’t tell expectant Indian women the gender of their baby because of fears of female Foeticide? So why is it ok to selectively murder disabled babies in the womb?

Who could fail to be moved by Sue Hare on p27 of today’s Telegraph talking about her little boy with Downs as her ‘pride and joy’? How many kids like young Will are snuffed out because of the prejudice and psychosis of their parents and the eugenics abortion doctors who perform these vile acts?


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