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Is Business, Innovation and Skills ‘the Biz’ or just Mandelsonian empire building?

So, I was told by the Taxpayers Alliance today when I went for a meeting with Matthew Sinclair today, that BERR has changed its name again to the department (small d) of Business, Innovation and Skills (big B I S).

So not only has BIS dropped regulatory reform but they have also taken on innovation and Skills (not skills) from the shortlived DIUS (don’t ask).

So methinks it is the building of the Mandelsonian empire – and I missed the change when I was abroad in the summer – but only for another 9 months until he becomes an opposition peer prior to the great kicking out of Lords in an elected second chamber.

It may be BIS but it definitely not the Biz.

1 September, 2009 Posted by | politics | , , | 3 Comments