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2,946 people killed in 2007: no inquiry?

If nearly three thousand people (or 10 people for that matter) were killed in one incident, it would be all over the papers and there would be an inquiry.

But in 2007, it was yesterday reported, TWO THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX PEOPLE (including many children), yes 2,946, were killed on Britain’s roads.

This was due mainly to other people’s dangerous driving, drink driving, speed, etc.  It means that if repeated for the next 30 years at the same rate, ALMOST NINETY THOUSAND of our fellow citizens would die on the road.

And the Government still will not ban people from drinking any alcohol while driving.  The limit should be zero then there will be no confusion.

As for speed, we have speed cameras and all the rest, but daily we see people driving in the most appalling way.  Where are the police to take them on?

Driving offences should be treated with zero tolerance and the law should crack down on these people to stop the carnage they cause.

Time for an inquiry into driving?

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