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Good riddance to the Noughties, a disgusting decade

Happy New Year to all readers. And good riddance to the Noughties, a disgusting decade of decadence, greed, and political deception – whilst many folks have had the misfortune to lose jobs, homes, and in many cases their mental health. Families have had a tough time under new Labour. The third way was a trick with smoke and mirrors, with some Mandelsonian spin and a few unjustifiable, immoral, innocent-killing wars thrown in.

I, like many, have various resolutions. Campaigning for a ban on fireworks, after the terror the new Year celebrations caused our terrier, would be one.

But campaigning against Labour would be another. Not that I’m inspired by the Nothing Hill hooray Henries with their support for private schooling and Foxhunting. But, despite Osborne’s economic illiteracy (read the Telegraph’s Simon Heffer, who has exposed Osborne), I think the Conservatives are a better option for this country.

After the election, I resolve to dedicating myself a lot more to supporting my various charities, such as the NSPCC, and PETA, as well as a little political campaigning. It’s time to do some good to help the community, the kids, and the animals. That would be a different start to a new decade.

We should all see what we can do to help others and not ourselves. Maybe we’d all be a lot happier then?

A lessons for politicians too, methinks.


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  1. You think it is proper and just to deny the laughters and joys of the majority for the benefit of the minority? That you can simple legalise away something and that will be the end of it? Pray, why are you campaigning against the Labour Party you appear to be wholly in line with their ideology.

    Comment by 13th spitfire | 2 January, 2010 | Reply

    • What you mean my comment about fireworks? That was a joke, although a heartfelt joke. But then, 13th spitfire, you admit that you are, “someone who takes themself just a bit too seriously.”

      Comment by Armchair Sceptic | 4 January, 2010 | Reply

  2. This is true, I do take myself just a tad too seriously.

    Comment by 13th spitfire | 28 January, 2010 | Reply

  3. It makes you think though… war on terror etc. in the UK although where I am fireworks go off all year round. I once believed it was only Nov 5th and New Years when it was legal. It doesn’t stop people setting of those fireworks that shake the ground – ironically named “bomb” with different prefixes and suffixes depending on model.

    Stick a couple of those on the ground, make sure it can’t leave the ground ensuring its well compacted on the ground, light them… run for your life… pretty much sound like a bomb going off! Kids do them these days especially from middle of october to early december, followed from few days after xmas til a few days in new year.

    Comment by Flexible New Deal | 10 February, 2010 | Reply

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