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Lily Woodley’s Sun Moment is worse than Brown’s Woolworths one

One thing that the naturally conservative British people do not like is people messing with well-loved institutions, such as Woolworths or the Sun. Which has dared to turn its back on Labour and support the Conservatives.

Brown bailed out the banks and yet let Woolworths die. His Woolies moment caused Labour to plummet to new depths in December and January opinion polls.

And yet the sight of that dire Labourite Scouser, Tony Woodley, tearing apart a copy of the Sun at the Labour Conference will send shivers down the spine of many people. After all, the Sun has – according to experts – a circulation of 7,733,000. That makes The Sun rather more important politically than the Guardian, Telegraph, and Times put together.

So tearing up a copy of the Sun is a slap in the face for nearly 8 million people, which represents a huge coverage – 15 to 20 per cent – of adults in almost every UK region. Even in Central Scotland, the circulation figures represent 26.3% and its 2million readers in London and 1,615,000 in central England – i.e. the midlands – not to mention many readers in the North – make it rather relevant to marginal seats.

The Sun is the voice (and a key piece of daily reading material) for working-class people across the country. Even folks who have become socially mobile and moved into more leafy estates still cherish the Sun, because it reminds them of their roots, And The Sun says it as it is.

Harman too has attacked the Sun, as she considers it sexist, but then she would say that, wouldn’t she? But it is her politically correct Government that introduced legislation that led to the visit by Ofsted and accusations of criminal behaviour by two policewomen who shared childcare, so that they could hold down their jobs.

It is Labour that helped to destroy Woolworths and many other jobs that were held by women, while bailing out the banks and (highly unionised) car firms, which were primarily men’s jobs. So it’s Labour that is sexist.

At least Tony Woodley is a representative of the white male working-class, but that is a species that is deserting Labour in droves (though clearly he is not). Women, whether working- or middle-class, have had enough of Labour too and, as a committed trade unionist, I would like to point out that Labour has done nothing for the workers and, in fact, has made us worse off, Mr Woodley.

Brown and out. We know what Labour really thinks of the electorate now, by the brute Woodley tearing up the Sun and the mad Harriet’s attacks on this wonderful newspaper.

SATURDAY UPDATE: As I earlier intimated in my tweet, Woodley looked and sounded like Lily Savage’s alter ego, Paul O’Grady. Really. Watch the You Tube clip again.


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