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Labour no longer more trusted on NHS than Tories

When people were asked whether they agreed or disagreed that “The NHS would be safer under Labour than the Conservatives”, only 39% agreed and 47% disagreed.

That raises the all-important question, if Labour is not better for the National Health Service than the Tories (which it traditionally is), then just what is the Government for? What is the point of the Labour Party any more?

Under Gordon Brown it continues to fail and fail, and fail again, even on the NHS that it created and has failed to reform.

And Dan Hannan can, as we say in Ulster & in Scotland, boil his head.


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State school and working-class pupils faring worst in University lottery

As a supporter of state education and as someone who, when I am a dad, would never educate my children privately (which will, obviously, rule out me ever marrying a woman who is ideologically supportive of independent education), I am appalled to learn that those the kids of those who buy private education are jumping the queue. Naturally, the best resourced independent schools will provide the best A level results.

Labour has created a system, by abolishing grammar schools, where the wealthy and many people from the aspirant ‘coping class’ within the middle class can buy better education and, therefore, a place in university for their children. As a result, many kids in state schools, disproportionately working-class and lower-middle-class, are being refused a place at university.

If Labour really stood for social mobility, this fiasco would not be happening. But its socialist ideology has damaged our education system to such an extent that many kids are being denied the ladder of opportunity that I and many other working-class people were fortunate enough to be able to climb.

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