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Sectarian murder in Northern Ireland

Just as we in Northern Ireland were appalled by the murders by the Real IRA/Continuity IRA of 2 English soldiers and a Catholic policeman and the attempted murder of two pizza delivery men earlier this year, it is repulsive to hear of the latest sectarian killing.

As an Ulster Protestant and like any right-thinking person, I am disgusted by the murder of Kevin McDaid in Coleraine (where I went to university for 6 years). He was killed by a mob because he was a Catholic. And the violence occurred after Rangers winning the Scottish Premier League – hardly, a reason to kill someone (so much for celebration – why target Catholics because of this???).

The Belfast Telegraph reported that:

The son of a father-of-four who was killed on his doorstep as he tried to save another man during sectarian clashes in Coleraine, said today he is devastated by his dad’s death.

Kevin McDaid (49), a plasterer, was kicked and beaten to death in front of his son Ryan in the Somerset Drive area of the town at around 9.30pm yesterday.

His wife Evelynn was also attacked during disturbances involving a crowd of 40 loyalists armed with homemade weapons.

Mr McDaid’s son Ryan (22) today described the people who killed his father as “thugs” |and “animals” and added that he hopes they will be brought to justice.

In the run-up to the European elections – and the marching season, usually a powerkeg in some areas – and with the Devolved Institutions in Northern Ireland in good shape (and delivering for the people of the province), and despite the CIRA/RIRA killings earlier this year, we do not need another round of sectarian bloodletting. Sectarian attacks are on the decline, although occasionally (for example, the devastating and brutal murder of 15-year-old Michael McIlveen in Ballymena in 2006 and various other atrocities.

Politics, in particular through the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive, is the only way forward – we can’t go back. But that won’t erase the hurt felt by Mr McDaid’s family at this heartbreaking time. Such attacks have to stop: for our children’s future. And they have to stop now.


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