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Brown’s new £500b ‘gamble’ … But then it’s not his money

As the real economy collapses around him, Brown is planning to announce another bailout, this time a £500,000,000,000 (enough 0s there?) ‘gamble’, as today’s Telegraph describes it.

Though it’s our money, not his, and the worst sort of gambler is one who takes ‘excessive risks’ with other people’s money.

Which is just what the banks stand accused of doing…

… so what is the difference between Brown and bankers? Very little, let’s be honest.

It’s no wonder he’s doing so badly in the opinion polls.


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  1. Gordon Brown has proved on almost every measure that he has failed to govern the UK.
    How can New Labour fight an election based on what Cameron ‘might do’ when Brown has proved without dispute that he unable to govern the UK and has put us into recession and given us years of high taxesand reduced services to pay back the debts!

    How badly does a labour leader have to perform before the Labour hierarchy decide that he (or she) cannot do the job? If Brown was a managing director of a company he would have gone a long time ago!

    Comment by michael | 28 September, 2009 | Reply

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