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Surely Maria Gatland should be treated as a hero, not with “shock”?

Cllr Maria Gatland has been forced to resign as a Conservative Cabinet Member in Croydon Council, because she was in the IRA until 1972 when she became disillusioned, left, and wrote a book.  She was later under threat of death.

As an Ulsterman, I think she should be treated as a hero, not with “shock” by her out-of-touch colleagues, because she spoke out against the IRA and risked her life.  She made a mistake by joining when she was a kid (over 36 years ago). 

It just goes to show what out-of-touch zombies many Councillors are that they are worried about “what the voters think”, when many voters will in fact realise that Cllr Gatland is a hero in that she stood up against the IRA.  And who hasn’t made a mistake when they were a kid?  Should every youthful folly be held against everyone?

Although I have been accused by a member of the Northern Ireland Tory Party of being a ‘Protestant supremacist’, I am a great believer in equality in diversity.  In other words, while people should be treated equally, whatever their religion, gender (male/female), or race/ethnicity, they are still different and such diversity should be recognised.  Clearly, Cllr Gatland’s diversity is not being recognised – with her experiences, she no doubt brings a lot to her role as a Councillor that should be valued, not sneered at.


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  1. You sir are a Republican sympathiser and have no place in the Conservative Party. That much is clear from the green wallpaper of your website. You are a disgrace to us all as is Maria Maguire.

    Comment by Belfast Conservative | 3 December, 2008 | Reply

  2. Actually I disagree. Rather well said in my view – and no Belfast Conservative would use such words as the last person to comment. Looks more like a Duppie to me.

    Comment by Editor | 3 December, 2008 | Reply

  3. Send your word of support to her at:

    Comment by Bill Holdworth | 4 December, 2008 | Reply

  4. You may be right about Cllr Gatland being a hero(ine) to some but that is not really the point, is it? We are talking here about fitness to retain the office of councillor.

    “Being worried about what the voters think”. Dont all politicians consider the views of voters?

    Now let me put this into perspective. When she was interviewed as a prospective candidate for her party, Cllr Maria Gatland would have been asked if there was anything scandalous about her past which would would be potentially embarassing / damaging to the interests of the party. She obviouslly lied.

    We do not know if she would have been allowed to stand if she had told the truth. Whatever you say about her past, you can not call such a lie a “youthful folly”. For that reason alone, she would have been deemed unfit for office. Furthermore, it is likely that had she been retained in office, this would have escalated into a very damaging national political scandal.

    You may be disappointed that she has gone but too many people would have felt very angry if she had been retained. With all due respect, the Conservaitves’ decision to force her to stand down was a “no brainer”

    Comment by Seymour Major | 4 December, 2008 | Reply

  5. The lady concerned represents a ward neighbouring mine, and as a member of the Conservative AND Unionist party, I feel that she has long since A – repented and recanted her IRA sympathies and B – engaged in good works since. There are plenty of people who have done neither at various levels of government in these islands

    Comment by Croydonian | 5 December, 2008 | Reply

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