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So much for “Every Child Matters”

A few years back Labour launched “Every Child Matters” with great fanfare.  It was the policy document that was supposed to make sure there would never again be another Victoria Climbié.

Haringey Council’s social workers’ incompetence, however, has led to the death of Baby P, or Child A, who was murdered in the family home by an evil brute:

The report says that there were “numerous examples” of good practice [RUBBISH] within all agencies involved in the case, but concludes:

“There were many factors which contributed to the inability of the agencies to understand what was happening to Child A.  With the possible exception of the paediatric assessment of 01.08.07, none on their own were likely to have enabled further responses that might have prevented the tragic outcome.”

The report says that just over a week before he died, legal advice was that on the information provided, the threshold for initiating care proceedings had not been met [WHEN SHOULD IT BE?] and adds:

“Most critically Child A was seen on 01.08.07 by a community paediatrician for the purpose of the long awaited development assessment.  Expert medical opinion commissioned during the course of this serious case review concluded that a diagnosis of abuse should have been made at that point.”

It also says:

“This serious case review has revealed clear evidence of appropriate communication between and within agencies as well as weaknesses in specific areas of information flow.”

The review found that “safeguarding structures exist across Haringey agencies and offer a sound framework for the implementation of required procedures, it has also identified scope for improving the detailed application of some processes.”  

The above justification of Labour-run Haringey Council’s overseeing of the murder of a child – and outright incompetence – as well as the poor framework put in place by the Labour Government just shows why we can’t trust Labour with our children.

So much for “Every Child Matters”.  Every child clearly doesn’t matter.


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  1. I had the privilege of escorting the parents of Victoria Climbie to the Haringey council meeting to discuss the case. They asked George Meehan for permission to speak at the meeting which he declined – it was only after the local media got involved that he changed his mind.

    All the labour councillors voted to protect the council. The councillor in charge of social services moved to scutinise the dept and George Meehan kept his job. For all its failings no one was sacked.

    After the meeting various Labour councillors lined up to express their condolences and say that this won’t happen again.

    Now we’re hearing that the Labour party wants to discuss this in private and edit the proceedings. Will anyone accept responsibility for this and will anyone lose their job. I somehow doubt it.

    Comment by Mike W | 12 November, 2008 | Reply

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