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One simple way to ease the pain – cut taxes

Mr Boom (Brown) and Mr Bust (Darling) have achieved the recession that their Labour economic policies were always going to deliver – as Merv ‘the Swerve’ and Mr Boom admitted in the last few days. Now, having created a bad situation for the country’s economic and financial position, can they perhaps ease the pain?

Alas, no. Their economic policies have very much been about government intervention – the bank bailouts, nationalisation, the ‘spend our way out of the recession’, and Keynesian (a swear word if ever there were one) spending on public works.

There is one way by which this gutless Government could ease the pain. It is quite simple. They should cut taxes.

But unfortunately that is beyond the leftwing ideologues who run the country. Their socialism has been revealed, as the only way they know how to respond to an economic downturn.

How much longer people in the UK have to suffer from Labour’s policies is anyone’s guess. Tax cuts are the only way to ease the pain, but this lot aren’t going to deliver those.

Will anyone?


23 October, 2008 - Posted by | Alistair Darling, Bank of England buffoons, betrayal, economy, Gordon Brown, Labour Party, politics, taxation


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    Comment by rachelpagdan | 23 October, 2008 | Reply

  2. I completely agree, a cut in direct taxation, coupled with a substantial reduction in interest rates, perhaps 2 to 2.5%, would be the best stimulous for this economic recession, given people would feel that they have more money on their pocket and would reinvest this into the economy. It is much better than bringing forward PFI projects, which I dislike anyway, because this would only benefit the construction industry and would, in any event, be an unnatural stimulus.

    I simply cannot understand why government is so against allowing us to keep more of our own money. A reduction of 5p in the £, would ‘cost’ the government £40bn over 5 years, a small price to pay for financial stability. I would like to see some of the other parties suggest something similar.

    Comment by UK Voter | 23 October, 2008 | Reply

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