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Bring back James Whale

It is outrageous that Talksport has sacked James Whale for urging voters to back Boris. 

This would not have happened had he or someone else said ‘vote Ken’, and a lot of broadcasters have basically been suggesting ‘vote Labour’ for years and show political bias, e.g. the BBC worldview.

It may be a breach of the Ofcom rules, but surely Whale could have had just a rap on the knuckles?

He should be reinstated immediately, though he is so good that someone will snap him up elsewhere.

The 20 point Tory lead over Labour and Boris’s win shows that Whale is more in touch than his bosses, but to some democracy doesn’t matter.

It should be Talksport that is sacked, not James Whale.  Talksport, you are the weakest link – goodbye.


6 May, 2008 - Posted by | politics


  1. This is an absolute disgrace. They allowed that traitor George Galloway to peddle his lies and hatred for months unchecked. They have allowed Alan Brazil to carry on with his show despite being found guilty of drink driving. But poor James Whale gets sacked for this. I am glad that Boris became mayor and I have now stopped listening to Talksport permanantly.
    James Whale’s show was the only decent programme left on it.

    Comment by Matt_the_hat | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sacking James Whale is an absolute disgrace George Galloway said on air that he wished someone would blow up Tony Blair also he said he wished someone would drive a stake through Margaret Thatchers heart this man should have been sacked long ago for bringing talksport into disripute.I wont be listening to talksport again.

    Comment by brian the slaphead | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  3. Totally agreed over Galloway – this is the man who insists on defending the genocidal religious fanatics who run Sudan! I also read that Mendoza and Bushell made disgusting homophobic remarks, and only got short suspensions. Whale – a talkSPORT legend – insults no-one, threatens no-one, and gets the sack! With both him and Gab Marcotti gone I have no reasons to listen to talkSPORT (and with Gaunt there I have an overwhelming reason not to!)

    Comment by Fcuk talkSPORT | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  4. Talksport will regret this. The stand-ins for James have been awful. He and Ash made a great team and they will be greatly missed.

    Comment by R Grant | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  5. I agree with all comments. George Galloway is so self opinionated & no way does he behave like a radio presenter, why has he been able to get away with the biased comments he’s made ??? The amateur stand ins have been appalling, so boring. I have listened to James Whale since he first came to Talk Radio (as it was then), he’s sadly missed. I too have stopped listening & changed to another station. Bring back The Whale I say !!!!

    Comment by Lynn | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  6. Complete disgrace,he’s the only one worth listening to on Talksport.I’m in N.ireland and could’nt care less who is lord mayor of London. Wherever he goes,thats the station i’ll be listening to,i’m finished with Talksport….The Whale Rules.

    Comment by brox | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  7. I do not listen to Talksport but it appears agreed that James Whale did “openly” break the Ofcom rules.

    Having said this I must admit I complain almost monthly about the bias that the Today and other BBC 4 radio news programmes show to this government in spite of their incompetence.
    Listen to their mantra today about the U turn by Wendy Alexander on the referendum in Scotland – yet the BBC will not talk to the SNP – AND they are in power in Scotland NOT Nu Labor.

    Hope James Whale find an opening that will allow him to fully show his talents, give him the respect he deserves, talk a major part of his audience with him, and that allows him freedom from the government control freaks.
    Perhaps Al Jazeera need a good sports commentator with a built-in audience?

    Comment by Colin Wilfred Holland | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  8. The last of the masters,he’ll be missed .The Campaing to reinstate him starts now!! WE WANT WHALE, WE WANT WHALE!

    Comment by Steven | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  9. Yea, Get James back ASAP!

    Till last night I thought he was on hols. I listen to the show every night and am laying there listening to the boring rubbish being doled out in his absence. If he is’nt brought back I shall change stations so there.

    What happened to free speech. How many were offended none I bet. because they all love James to bits and accept his attitude.

    What about when James did’nt believe in global warming, is that also a *sackable offense?

    James is the best and you know he is – get hin back!

    Comment by Kate | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  10. Anyone know where his (James) web site is, has he got one?


    Comment by Kate | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  11. talk a major part of his audience with him, and

    I would follow him for sure. He is king of chat as far as I am concerned. I missed knowing (listening) to the late Mike Dickins only heard a couple of shows I Won’t lose James Whale too.

    Comment by Kate | 6 May, 2008 | Reply

  12. I am in the Pyrenees in France and I have been listening to James Whale for two years. I think Talksport has been pressurised to get rid of James because he speaks the truth against the government and many people like me agree with his views. He and Ash are a unique team. James replacement is very weak and boring, so for me no more Talksport listening. I am pleased James has a new job, but would have preferred some rich person to sponsor him starting a rival radio talk show, where mention of sport is a sackable offence !!

    Comment by Chris Eades | 7 May, 2008 | Reply

    James’s website

    Comment by Lynn | 7 May, 2008 | Reply

  14. i’m never gonna listen to talk sport again untill james is reinstated
    i also thought he was on holliday and i’ saddened and shocked at what talksport have done galloways worse then james and seems to get a way with it every week it seems there is on rule for one and one for another RIP TALKSPORT

    Comment by RIP talksport | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  15. cant beleive it im never going to listen to talk sport again. hope i win lotto james then i will buy you a radio station.

    Comment by r west | 8 May, 2008 | Reply


    James Whale the only man in radio who talls it how it is!!!



    Comment by mark | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  17. Talksport – you are a bunch of numpties! Bring back Whale – you don’t realise the jewel you had!

    Comment by Jo | 8 May, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by Stevie G | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  19. You can listen to James on his website – – but where now for Ken from the Highlands or Damian in Brighton – not to mention Icke, Uri, Stringfellow et al? Talksport management, hang your heads in shamer. Then get on the phone and get Whale back!

    Comment by Ali | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  20. James hintted tonight on his audio that somthing was in the pipe line hopefully a live show either online or with a radio station!

    Comment by Steven | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  21. Thanks Lyn for the link!

    I sent James a message and am currently listening to his show in Real Player.

    There will he hopes soon be a live show.

    Comment by Kate | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  22. Thanks to Ali too

    Are we all night hawks lolol listening to James kept me awak most nights till after 1am now I sleep right away from sheer bordom!

    we want James Whale back.

    Comment by Kate | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  23. The Whale was the best thing on Talksport, and i have now stopped listening to the station as a matter of principle. Bring him back and bring him back NOW.
    As for his future he has agreed to be a presenter on the shopping channel-Bid TV

    Comment by Colin | 8 May, 2008 | Reply

  24. james whale had a good radio voice and was always good to listen too his caresma ,charm ,funnyness and joking about ,always interserting listening too ,he was not to be taken seriosly and he was the one who made the radio station worht listening too ,now he s gone its rubbish listening

    Comment by kel | 10 May, 2008 | Reply

  25. please bring back james,he makes my week ,also ash,george ,great folk we havent got free speech anymore,thats plain to see.we should be allowed a opinion ,cant see what all the fuss is about.we hear coments all the time about polititions,are we going to ban question time to,with richard dimbley .wont be listening to talk sport until james whale comes back,he may get job on another station in which case i shall tune in there,so all the best james zena.

    Comment by zena doyle | 11 May, 2008 | Reply


    . . . TalkSport is just another chat show! there are hundreds of them out there, surf the airways. Check it out for yourself, as I did and thousands before me. Then you find a station and ‘Stop’ . . . at last something different. Someone who has the balls to speak his mind. He would speak of items other broadcasters only dare think about. He was the difference . . . he was ‘JAMES WHALE’ I’ve given up on chat shows now. Thanks to you TalkSport! you never made JAMES WHALE, he made you, he was TalkSport. But, why should you show any interest in what I have to say? But remember ‘People like me, make People like you!’ Someone out there who loved James as I did must have the know how of how to set up a website . . . wish I did. The only thing I can contribute is the site name!! . . . WATCH THIS SPACE!


    Comment by Lew K Lewis | 12 May, 2008 | Reply


    Cannot believe what has happened to James over something so petty. It is so refreshing to listen to someone who is not afraid to speak his mind, and say it like it is. I cannot be bothered to listen to Talk Sport anymore – he was the star of Talk Sport and along with Ash, their chemistry was something very special and very rare. What can we do to get him reinstated?

    Comment by Linda Orme | 12 May, 2008 | Reply

  28. James Whale’s listeners will not be denied.
    I understand that Play Radio Uk Internet Radio have gave him his show on Tuesday evenings from 20 May with Podcasts also available.
    I think Talksport have shot themselves in both legs, they have made a terrible mistake which they will regret regarding listener figures. I wonder if the other presenters on Talksport are all wondering what is in store for them if they dare to say anything controversal or don’t behave. Maybe a mass complaining campaign could be organised to complain about every issue and topic they discuss. Trouble is I don’t listen to Talksport anymore.

    Comment by kev | 12 May, 2008 | Reply

  29. It is about time talksport saw the big mistake they made, by letting James Whale go
    What are they thinking, guess they are NOT thinking
    Bring James back A.S.A.P.

    At least he is telling the thruth as it should be.

    Talksport, , if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    Comment by R.Luurs | 13 May, 2008 | Reply

  30. You rotten lot, he is great, how will I sleep at night without the whales voice GET HIM BACK X X X

    Comment by Joy Stewart | 13 May, 2008 | Reply

  31. James was the only broadcaster in the uk that spoke my thoughts on all thats going on in our country on a daily basis. He is funny and smart and like so many others Talksport has lost me as a listener. Sacking james has just high lighted how unfree we all are when speaking against the establishment.

    Comment by sue brook | 13 May, 2008 | Reply

  32. I hope talksport’s advertisers read this, because I am yet another who wont be listening to their station any more, James Whale was the only show worth listening to.

    Talksport try to be cutting edge and risque, but as soon as slightest bit of controversy appears they bottle it.

    I hope James Whale finds a national station that allows him to inform and entertain in a way that no one else has.

    Comment by ian | 13 May, 2008 | Reply

  33. Well its been a few weeks since I gave talksport a listen and from reading the web the temp replacement is about as interesting as paint drying I easily listened to 50 plus hours a week of TS I drive for a living but have gone back to Cd’s and music ,I don’t imagine unless James goes back on a red carpet I will give them my Time
    shame real shame and they give that ex politician a place to air his republican anti British views…………..

    Comment by Ryso | 14 May, 2008 | Reply

  34. since james whale was taken off the air its just not the same,as a night driver i tune my radio in other stations untill ian collins show ,please bring him back.

    Comment by bryn | 14 May, 2008 | Reply

  35. Get James “the master” back i thought this was a free country??????????? I will not tune in any longer with out James.

    Comment by k | 15 May, 2008 | Reply

  36. Get james back its not the same without him and who is that joker with ash??
    well i wont be tuning in to talk sport until james is back.

    Comment by col | 15 May, 2008 | Reply

  37. Bring back James Whale!

    Not going to listen to TALKSH*T! Anymore

    Comment by Darren | 16 May, 2008 | Reply

  38. ‘Tis a very sad day, when a guy can get the sack for speaking in good old plain non-pcness, and an even sadder day on TalkSport, just one question! How come that it is ok for the staff on “The Gruaniad” can all voice their opinions, and even lobby on voting for Ken Livingstone, yet, James is castigated for urging his (world-wide) listeners to vote for Boris. This is hardly fair, when both news papers and radio are considered to be “mass media”
    is it becasue both the BBC and the Gruaniad are both un-official “voices of Labour” ?

    Comment by Paradox | 19 May, 2008 | Reply

  39. Oh Dear! Things are just not the same on Talk Sport any more. I have listened to James Whale’s radio programme every night for years and enjoyed so much the humour, spicy interviews and hilarious banter between himself and Ashe.

    Once I wrote to him and to my absolute astonishment received a ‘phone call personally from the man himself!

    Bring him back. Talk Sport is indescribably dull without him.

    Linda Woolfson.

    Comment by Linda Woolfson | 22 May, 2008 | Reply

  40. Just returned from holiday and couldn’t understand where James Whale was. The programme is now diabolical so please please please get James back. I find the programme now is so boring and will not be listening again until James is reinstated. Ash must be gutted as the two of them were fabulous together.

    Comment by Maz | 26 May, 2008 | Reply

  41. Cannot believe that the Whale has gone from TalkSport I have just seen him on Bid TV and had been wondering where he was over the past few months This is a man who tells it like it is and probably says what the majority of people think and we all know what happens when you do that,here was a man admired and loved by many people for the way he presented his show with Ash and because he had the audacity to speak his mind at all times he is OUSTED. The many listeners he had on talk sport will wait for him to re- appear some where else as no doubt a man of his talent surely will,if you happen to read this James may I personally wish you and your family well for the future and look forward to hearing you again soon, and may I thank you for the pleasure you have given to me over the past 10 years in particular Good Luck.

    Comment by Derek Webber | 2 June, 2008 | Reply

  42. Talksport-go screw yourselves! I only found out tonight that the big man had gone. I am devestated and like others will stop tuning in to Talksport. I have been a listener for 10 years and James and Ash had a unique manner in putting on a show. James is like a breath of fresh air and if he did return I wouldn’t want him to have to change his ways. I also agree with others that how Galloway remains in that job is beyond me. The image of him purring to Rula Lenska on celeb big brother a while ago should stop anyone from employing him let alone having to listen to his narrow sided views. That image scarred me for life.
    If you read this James, your fans will all have a whip round and get enough for you and Ash to start your own station where presenters can speak freely. I will start it off with a fiver.

    Comment by fran | 3 June, 2008 | Reply

  43. Fact. Brazil encourages heavy drinking daily, show after show, and is done for being over the limit, and is still presenting. [And is a good presenter].
    Fact. To all but the very left or very radical Galloway is biased in the extreme, defends the indefensible, is very political, and was off air in the run up to the election.[And is a poor presenter]
    Fact. Whale was popular, broke rules, could have been suspended till after election and then allowed to get on with it.
    Suspicion. Talk sports strings are being pulled by a bankrupt political party desperate to hang on to power and losing it.
    Conclusion. Bring back Whale. Prove those of us who see this act as blatantly political to be wrong.

    Comment by Charlie | 3 June, 2008 | Reply

  44. I too cannot believe what happened to James Whale.
    BRING HIM BACK. Talksport in the nights is PANTS NOW!!!
    Now, the radio makes go sleep, before it was ALIVE AND KICKING!!

    Comment by Danny | 4 June, 2008 | Reply


    Sorry but i thought TalkSport was about a radio station that was allowed to let the freedom of speech….so what the hell has gone wrong? James Whale had a voice that made people sit up and listen,he was the man that was “flooring” the competition in late night radio,he was also the reason why i stopped watchind the television between 10:00pm-1:00am. I have tried to listen to the drivel that TalkSport has replaced him by and frankly i have had to stop listening otherwise i think my ear’s would have fallen off my face. I can’t believe that in this day of age it has come to this,yes sack the best radio presenter you have replace it such utter rubbish,in other word’s it like telling your competition ‘here come and take my listening we’re not bothered’. IF TALKSPORT DOES NOT WANT JAMES WHALE ON THEIR RADIO STATION,THERE HAS GOT TO BE ANOTHER RADIO STATION THAT IS HUNGRY FOR THEIR LISTENER’S!

    Comment by Mac khan | 10 June, 2008 | Reply

  46. I like George Galloway, but how can he get away with all the things he says and james gets sacked for backing someone in an election, TalkSport could have at least gave him one last show to say goodbye to his fans BRING BACK WHALE

    Comment by Emma Freel | 13 June, 2008 | Reply

  47. i have just to my great surprise found out the Talk Sport have sacked James Whale, i just cant understand it i thought he was just on a long holiday. I used to love him and Ash together they were so funny and totally agree the new presenters are so boring i just switch off and read at night now, O well if it wernt for Ian Collins and the great Mike Mendoza i think i would search for another station.

    Comment by SUSAN | 14 June, 2008 | Reply

  48. Mike Mendoza is also going onto play radio uk along with james tommy boyd and chris tarrant,wont be long before play radio uk have a broadcast licence,until then, listen and watch online at

    Comment by gez | 5 August, 2008 | Reply

  49. I live in the South of Ireland and the the voice of modern Radio is James Whale. he crosses all generations from young to aged and his humour is a class act.
    I wish him, the very best and Talk Sport cannot talk any more without the Voice of James Whale

    Comment by Humlo McThayus | 26 August, 2008 | Reply

  50. It’s Moz Dee the new boss at TALKSPORT. He is a limp wristed liberal who came from 5 Live.

    One of Ken Livingstones and George Galloways disciples.

    Comment by Mark | 27 August, 2008 | Reply

  51. How that self opinionated racist tw@t ever survived so long on talksport i’ll never know. The fact is James Whale believed his own pathetic hype and thought he was too big to be given the boot. Good on you talksport for showing him that no one is bigger than the radio station – ESPECIALLY him!!

    Comment by good riddance! | 3 September, 2008 | Reply

  52. Although I found Mr Whale rude self opinionated, from his own personal views. to the point of being arrogant at times.However he was Interesing to listen to and I did look forward to his shows.
    Yes I do say come back I miss listening to you.J.H.

    Comment by jon harvey | 17 September, 2008 | Reply

  53. Although i didn’t agree with all Jame’s opinions I enjoyed listening to his candid view points. Although he appears to be rude at times i found him to be a caring man. Miss you loads James. Bring back the Whale, hope you return to radio soon. And i bought your book which i really enjoyed. Looking forward to the next one.

    Comment by Mrs G Hucker | 22 September, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by M. Bowen | 26 October, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by M. Bowen | 26 October, 2008 | Reply

  56. How can the nieve little boy Ian Collins ever hope to compete with the legend of James Whale, or George Galloway, who has his head so far up his dark orifice ever consider that he could be in the same league as `The Whale` I have change to 5live as I cannot listen to the inane drivell fom Ian Collins.

    Comment by john lucas | 10 November, 2008 | Reply

    • 5 Live??!! Oh my God! NOT 5 Live!!


      All those upper class twits cackling and ululating into the

      And that’s TWITS and ULULATING!!

      Comment by John Gaunt | 26 December, 2009 | Reply

  57. That’s not fair! Bring me back first! I have a bigger gob and am more entertaining. Besides James Whale is nearly 70. Who wants to listen to a 70 year old shock jock? How shocking can he be? Why he told listeenrs to vote for Boris is beyond me. I mean what has Boris ever done for James Whale that he should put his carrer on the line for a politician on the make?At least I got the sack for calling somebody a Nazi! Now, that’s what I call shocking!


    John Gaunt

    It’s Saturday so it’s my Cyprus villa.

    Comment by John Gaunt | 21 November, 2008 | Reply

  58. Correction!!

    For ‘listeenrs’ read ‘listeners’. It was a ‘typo’!
    I am NOT an illiterate moron!


    John Gaunt

    Comment by John Gaunt | 21 November, 2008 | Reply

  59. Got to go! George Galloway
    is just starting on TalkSport!



    John Gaunt

    Comment by John Gaunt | 21 November, 2008 | Reply

  60. Correction!

    For ‘carrer’ read ‘career’.


    John Gaunt

    Comment by John Gaunt | 21 November, 2008 | Reply

  61. John, they should bring both James and you back! Good to hear from you.

    Comment by WR | 22 November, 2008 | Reply

  62. Well said, Gaunty!

    I for one will not be listening to TalkSport again unless and until you are reinstated! They can keep their Lowest Bid Raffles and special offers etc., etc.

    Damn them!

    Is there anyway a petition could be organised to have Gaunty reinstated?

    Comment by Pomeroy | 22 November, 2008 | Reply

  63. Thanks!

    Bring back James, of course. That man taught me everything I know about radio! BUT, I really must insist that I am brought back FIRST!
    Last out first back in principle applies here.

    I wonder if Hitler – with the use some strange time travelling
    machine contraption thingie – had turned up across from me at my desk in the TalkSport Radio Studio and I had called HIM a Nazi would I have been sacked? It’s really come to something in Britain when you can’t call someone a Nazi! What was WWII all about,then? A Nazi is a Nazi is a Nazi
    as my old friend Bill (Shakespeare) once wrote. A Nazi by any other name would stink as much……or something like that! Is there some secret campaign afoot to rehabilitate the Nazis?

    Anyway….not to worry! I’ll be back!

    P.S. When I do go back to TalkSport Radio I want a full fanfare with
    all the trimmings – dancing girls,music – a buffet (caviar sandwiches and
    Newcastle Brown Ale followed by lashings of Champagne).
    And that’s just for starters!


    John Gaunt

    Comment by John Gaunt | 22 November, 2008 | Reply

  64. I also want pies at my re-instatement party.

    There’s no harm in wanting….


    John Gaunt

    Comment by John Gaunt | 30 November, 2008 | Reply

  65. Anyone got any idea where George Galloway is tonight?
    I was so looking forward to listening to his Christmas
    shows – last night and tonight. What is going on?
    First James, then me now George!(I may be wrong so don’t quote me).

    Is ANYBODY safe on TalkSport?

    Comment by John Gaunt | 26 December, 2009 | Reply

  66. I used to love listening to James Whale and have now given up ever tuning my radio to TalkSport again. George Galloway is an idiot, the shows are too unbearable to listen to.

    Comment by Sean | 17 January, 2010 | Reply

  67. Hi All!

    John Gaunt here!

    I’ve got a new jingle for TalkSport:

    “Now, here’s a handy TalkSport tip
    Clunk click every “script”
    or you’re headed for the skip!
    You see, you see.
    So,it’s your handy TalkSport tip!
    Clunk click every “script”
    or you’re headed for the skip!
    You’ll see, you’ll see.”

    Not that I ever bothered with a ‘script’!!
    ……..More’s the pity!

    John Gaunt

    Comment by John Gaunt | 11 April, 2010 | Reply

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