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Labour makes the “Poverty Trap” worse: it hasn’t been the party of the working class for a long time

As someone whose father worked in a low-income job, I know what effect this has on the family finances.  But people who work in these jobs, when they could just as easily claim the dole or incapacity benefit, are the unsung heroes of the UK today.

Labour’s hatred of these people, who could potentially have been its staunchest supporters (and many of whom probably were in the past), is reprehensible.

Not only has Labour ratcheted up the “Poverty Trap”, where people are better off on benefits than in work, by a variety of measures including the structure of its tax credits system.  But now, as BBC News reports, by abolishing the 10p income tax band, the Government:

penalises childless people in low-paid jobs. The Treasury Select Committee warned the ‘main losers’ could be deprived of as much as £232 a year. Chairman John McFall said they were an ‘unreasonable target’ for the tax simplification measure.

How many more people, whether white British or, in many cases, black and Asian, (and including a lot of women) are going to be forced into worse economic conditions and possibly out of work all together, by this discredited, despicable Government?

On a day on which, for many people, income tax falls from 22p to 20p in the pound – only to be cancelled out by the abolition of the 10p band – I would not even soil the phrase “tax cut” by using it to describe this dishonest policy by Brown and Darling.

What are needed are genuine cuts in taxation for people on low income – whether Single People, Couples without Children, or Families – to incentivise work and also to reward those who actually are working. 

Tax cuts for the rest of us could wait until later, but at least can we stop penalising the people who don’t have to work but do because of a “work ethic”, or because it makes them feel as if there is meaning to their lives, or for whatever motivation.

It is also time to stop the lie that Labour is a Party for the working-class.  It gave up that distinction a long time ago.


7 April, 2008 - Posted by | Alistair Darling, betrayal, economy, Gordon Brown, Labour Party, politics, taxation


  1. I completely agree. They have betrayed the working classes for the last 10 years at least. In my view they have (deliberately or not) been taking away the dignity of the working man, making far too many people reliant on benefits and psychologically dependent therefore on Labour – is this their re-election strategy?

    It is important that people understand that the best way to get the poorest in society out of the poverty trap is by encouraging work and self sufficiency through sensible and humane public policy. Only the Conservative Party (and a few ethical Labour MPs such as Frank Field) are making this argument and only the Conservatives will deliver on this agenda.

    Comment by Rachel Joyce | 7 April, 2008 | Reply

  2. duh. it was labour that introduced the 10p rate in the first place.

    and the minimum wage – which your party voted against.

    Comment by ost | 7 April, 2008 | Reply

  3. Just listened to the little turd ED MILLIBAND on 1pm news today. He ain’t bovvered mate, that me and the rest of the lowest paid are having their income tax DOUBLED – So what?? he said. Thass another few thousand votes lost.

    Comment by Annie Besant | 7 April, 2008 | Reply

  4. Yes Labour are causing real problems for the people at the bottom on IB and other “dog kennel” benefits and I am very concerned about the deeper trawl they intend to have into those more severe mental health users (MHU) claimaints who have been formally exempt from intrusive and cold bureaucratic assesments when some of them are IB “reveiwed”

    David Freud’s assertion of breaking the link between GP’s (as part assessors of the MHU condition) and claimants is quite dangerous really because I can forsee if a MHU is not treated in the right way it may well result in a rather deadly situation …I can see some genuine paranoids swinging from super-vulnerable to super dangerous if treated to work-driven new labour job-botics and I aware of deaths when that kind of thing happens ..

    Well done for having some concern .. See you around ..


    Comment by Stardrinker | 9 April, 2008 | Reply

  5. […] ·         ELEVEN point lead amongst C2DE (41 : 30) – proving Labour isn’t the party of the working class any more […]

    Pingback by It just can’t get any worse for Brown…? Oh Y - E - S! « the wilted rose | 16 April, 2008 | Reply

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